Math contest!! 8A and 8B bobbing for apples

Posted On November 21, 2012

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In our grade 8 classes, we decided to do an apple bobbing contest. The contest was between Mr.Westera’s class (8A) and Ms.Durnin’s class (8B). Both of our classes are from F.E Madill and we did our contest in the gym. We had our bobbing for apples on Halloween day. We did this because in math, we are studying data. We filled one big bucket up with cold water, we bought apples and put them in the bucket. Then, one contestant from each class would go up to the bucket, stick their head in it and see who can h=get the most apples in 2 minutes.

I learned about comparing the numbers from our data. For the first table, 8A got 3 in less than 20 seconds but we got 4 in less than 20 seconds.
On the second table, it was about how many apples each class got in two minutes. Our class got 28 but 8A only got 12 :(For number 7, we did the mean median and mode for each class. Our class got 4 and 8A got 1.714. For the median, they got 4 and we got 3. For mode, they got 0 and 2 and we got 1.
For the last table, It was for all the duels. For example in duel 1, our person got the first apple in 8 seconds but their class got it in 78 seconds.
The believable inferences I can make are is that we beat Mr.Westras class by a lot!!
I think that Mr.Westra’s class was stunned that we were so fast at getting the apples because of our amazing strategys!!

Obviously, the winner was our class!! Mr. Westra’s class was very upset but we deserved it!!


Kendall, Wingham and Snow Lake!!!

Posted On October 3, 2012

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Kendall, Wingham and Snow Lake!!!

Idea Hive is a website that Snow Lake and Wingham can post a blog and work together on projects!! Sometimes we video chat on Skype and ask each other questions. Right now, we are doing a photo contest. You have to take a picture of yourself and it can be edited or just normal. But you have to wearing your Idea Hive button.

Something I have in common with most people from Snow Lake is that we all have no pets. I have this in common with Justin, Angel, Emily and Christian. I wonder why they don’t have pets in their house?? If I get partnered up with them we can talk about what we have in common!!

The two people I have a few things in common with is Angel and Juli. We all play more than 1 instrument. Angel plays the guitar, piano and the drums. Juli plays the electric guitar and the drums. When we talk on Idea Hive or Google Docs, I am going to ask how long they have been playing for!

Something unique about me is that I’m the only one who plays Just Dance and who plays in a band!! There are 5 people in my band. Murray is our bass player, Hayley is guitar and singing. There is also Danica, she plays the guitar, piano and singing, Josh plays the drums and I play the guitar, piano, singing and drums. We play all kinds of music like rock, pop, hip hop and old songs too.

The person from Snow Lake who is most like me is Kassie. We both put gym as a favourite subject, we also put we like soccer for our favourite sport, we brush our teeth 2 times a day, we both like pizza and we both like Facebook!! I hope we are partners.

About Me

Posted On September 24, 2012

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I’m An 8B Mustang at F.E. Madill.